:Look 06

  Hair: [e] Mood – Blonde 07

Skin: LAQ ~ Nellie 03 [Fair] Glow skin

Tank Top: *Fishy Strawberry* Spaghetti Strap Top Blush

Jeans:[N] classic slim fit low rise denim ((X-Street))

Heels: N-core PUMPS


Starting this weekend a friend and I will be opening a new section on the blog for all you amazing Roleplayers out there. The new tab will consist of  ‘character constructions’ with attitutde, and spice and all of those fun things. Each week a different ‘style’ will be announced ranging from various roleplay themes you cen find in-world!


Today’s post

Will be up later. I kid you not I just finished editting and forgot to save… I think that’s a sign i need to take a nap. Anyway… I will have it up again later, and well probably editted better once i get some more sleep…

   <3’s you all!

:Look 04 Prelude- Emery

Hopefully most of you have heard about Tyranny (And that it’s re-branding to Grixdale very, very soon). Recently Tyr released new skins known as Teagan- which is super adorable with it’s cheek dimples (P.S. The teagan skins are on sale right now: 500 for a single, or 1500 for a fatpack)

Anyway, above is Emery, a new skin that Tyr will soon be releasing. This specific one is a bit special as it is being released as a promo at the Chic event!

The event starts today, and the emery promo includes two make-up variations, freckled versions, as well as hair bases.

The tone options:

You can find the Teagan skins Here!

And I’ll be updating this post once I hunt down where the Chic event is!

♥ Ju.

:Look 03

Hey Everyone! ‘m just going to slide a little update right in here…

This weekend I’ll be going back to school- so There wont be any posts on Saturday and Sunday- by monday I’ll be bored out of my mind, so there may be multiples!

I’ve been preparing quite a few posts with the help from a lot of extrodinary people, so daily posts are definetly on the way!

Anyway- I’ll stop jabbering, here’s My look of the day… night?

Hair: >TRUTH< Ava (Upper) – clove ((Marketplace link)) ((Modified in Pic.))

Skin: -BC- Skin – Make ups – Tan – Barbie Freckles (*)

Eyes: .ID. Sunset Eyes – Small

Dress: erratic / jenna – short dress top / purple-silver (*)

Tights: *Sheer* Tights 18: Waves Black Lower

Heels: Tee*fy Astra Wedges


The skin…

I was so blown away when I found this skin– There was probably some drool running down my chin. Anyway, I am so happy to be able to show it. I love faces with detail, and well… This skin definitely delivers. There are 16 options (Including a freckled version, hair bases, cleavage options, and eyes) which is simply amazing. Here are some close ups jus’ for you!

Be sure to check it out here!

-BC- SLurl

:Look 02 (The Effects Of…)



 I’m still alive! I’m actually gearing up for my RL Birthday (tomorrow) so rather than waiting I thought I’d put this up now. Keep in mind I’ve been playing with lighting and shadows outside of Secondlife so the pictures are products of slight modifications.  I’m also not at my own computer so I can’t add in any cool tape or pins *sad face* but that’s alright I spose. Anyway, I’ll stop jabbering!

Hair: [Shag] – Raw Sugar – chestnut ((NEW)) ((*))

Skin: LAQ ~ Nellie 01 [Fair] Glow skin

Eyes: .ID. Photogenic Eyes – Gunmetal

Dress: Emery – Dress Kezno (@The Dressing Room).

Boots: N-core LUXURY

And just ’cause I can…

High-res Face shot!

(Eye color has been modified)

:Look 01

A New Year… A new… Shape?

  Yep, that’s right, for those who have followed me for some time your eyes are not playing tricks on you! I’ve modified my shape, rather… I completely over hauled it! So… What am I wearing?

Hair: [e] Mood – Brown 08

Skin: LAQ ~ Vilda *Christmas gift* [Fair] Glow skin ((Make sure you’re in the group!)

Jacket: AOHARU_BT_ShortRidersJacket_Black

Dress: *Fi-St* Tube Top/Dress up- Plum ((*))

Belt: Ingenue :: Traveler Belt (r pec) 1.0 :: Midnight

Stocking: *Linc* Half Stockings 2 black l nylon

Heels: P10 Serenity Denim

Close ups!!

          Hokay, so I stumbled across an amazing shoe store awhile back called Purrfect 10 (p10), and I am continuing to be amazed. First of all, the owner- Ten Dexler, has a VIP group in which she sends out heels in exclusive colors/styles, considering what great quality the heels are, I highly recommend joining the group. She also puts out free gifts on occasion, shown above are a pair of free gifts. Lovely, am I right?

                   10’s heels contain something I have never seen before, and that I am utterly in love with- a very user-friendly color change option. You click the heel which brings up a colored ball. You recolor the ball as you would a normal prim until you’re content it matches your skin then you click ‘ok’. And… you’re done! I’m so impressed with the system, it’s nearly my new BFF.

As for this skin… *Swoons* Mallory (The owner of Laq) sent out one of the sweetest Christmas Gifts to everyone in the update group! The special make up was given in every skin tone, as well as a blonde base.If you aren’t in the update group or missed out on this, quick! check it out! you may still be able to find it.


Change in the House of…

     A lot of people have new years resolutions, revolutions, and revoltations (Cause there’s a lot of drinking and stuff…) I have one of my own as well…

   Over the past months, I have learned, grown, and changed, and you all have been a very important factor. The support I have recieved, as well as the kind words along the way have given me hope, and no doubt helped me through some very difficult times.

This will be the final change of 2010, a change for the better- I hope. Logan and my Blog, Adam and Eve, will no longer go on. There are a few reasons for this.

     Firstly, there is a successful and long running store within Secondlife you have no doubt heard of- with which we shared a similar name. Last month both Logan and I were contacted and politely asked to change our blog name to avoid any confusion. In order to change a blog name, you must A. Pay for the change, or B. Create a new blog. Both of which, I am not sure the ask-ee was aware of. With these factors in mind, we avoided making the decision as long as we could as both would be a major change we were unsure of making.

    Secondly, lack of activity. Both Logan and myself have been dealing with a lot of stresses in our real life, and with those stresses came a lot of uncertainty. For the past month, the blog was pushed aside to deal with more pressing matters. We have worked out a lot of these stresses, and have decided to refocus our attention. Logan is going on to sim design, while I will remain blogging. This also prompted a name change, as there can be no Eve without her Adam.

  There are also some chanes reguarding policies, so be sure to check them out as well.

As for the rest, We’ll see where it takes us.

I’m happy to be back, and… happy new years everyone ♥