Hey Everyone!

It’s been a real long time, and hopefully some people still follow *itches the back of her neck* Summer has been a lot less summary than expected, and I finally got a job! I start training in nine hours, and I’m procrastinating sleep a bit cause of the jitters… Ya know how that goes. Any-who, Theres a whole bunch of awesome stuff going on, and a lot of amazing things that I wish I could scoop up (Job should help me there, har har).

As you can see I’m doing a new photo lay-out, at the end of the year, I plan on putting all of the pictures together in a magazine type thing, we’ll see how that goes! I was inspired for this particular layout by another blogger, Olyvia Stratten, who simply oozes talent (Check out her Flickr!)

To see this image bigger, check it out here: My Flickr!

Pictured above are some outfits from the new line of DeeTalez, called D.Select. These particular ones were boyfriend approved with the “Omg, those look real” Stamp, which I couldn’t help but agree with. She’d put out a whole bunch of outfits that are bound to catch your eye, and maybe make you drool a bit on the floor (P.S. Bring napkins, no one likes to slip and slide!)

Also pictured are Grixdale’s Teagan 2 skin, I’m a bit late to the punch with these, and hopefully you all have heard about them… They’re so freaking cute!! And she has a retirement sale on some of her skins going on, aka, go snatch them up without breaking your bank!