Happy Trueblood day… er… Sunday I mean… 

Before jetting off to spend my day wrist-deep in Photoshop, I figured I would leave you all with this ♥

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Those of you who follow male fashion are probably well aware of Musim’s new denim release, but if you didn’t before… You have absolutely no excuse now! 

Much like Ju’s post today, this is also a mix of both old and new styles. Enjoy!

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<Double post Saturday! Male fashion post will be up later today ♥ >

Hopefully everyone has geared up for Project Themeory this week! I’m still working on putting an outfit together with some of the goodies I picked up (Will probably have it ready for tomorrow). In the mean time, I’m showing off this montley mix of new and old!

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Well, It goes without saying but I have been a very… very lazy blogger this summer- But no more! I’ve been a busy little bee tonight, and the entire blog has a new, and more professional feel. This particular post will act as a welcome post, and help guide you through the new sections. I’ll be keeping it as a sticky at the top of the blog for one week until the new format is well under-way. 

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TGIF! lol, this week has felt -so- long, I’m glad it’s wrapping up and it’ll be Sunday soon… (I’m a *huge* Trueblood fan, I swear my week revolves around the anticipation for the next episode…)

Enough of me geek-gasaming though.

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7/27: Review!

Hey everyone! It’s been awhile since my last post; seems that’s  the story of the year so far. I do however have quite a few looks lined up; some new, some old… To kick off the new breath of blogging what better way then to do a skin review?

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SLink on over to hairfair!

As most of you are probably catching on; Hair fair is probably my all-time favourite events in Second life; I am horribly addicted to hair, and it’s for a wonderful cause (Wigs for Kids) that makes shopping give me even more of the warm fuzzies. Chances are some of you have already stopped by, but if not you’ll have one more week to hopefully avoid the droves of avid shoppers who filled the sims to capacity earlier this week.

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          Good morning! I hope you all had an amazing fourth of July, and there’s no other way to recover from the rocket’s and their red glares than to do some blasting of your own! Today Logan Brannan and myself are presenting something special, courtesy of Kamil Noel (D1-MTG Creator).

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7/2/11: Hairfair!

The nail-biting is finally over! Hairfair is open (and the sims are currently full D=… )

  Above, are some of the awesome finds that are waiting for you at this year’s Hair fair. The color options are stunning, however for this post I decided just to go with black-hairs for simplicity’s sake. This is a little sad, because the Alice Project, “Lina”, comes with a mind blowing amount of color options, with tips and streaks; you could spend hours playing with all of the options ^_^

Just as a side note, I’ve thrown in a Truth hair which is *not* from hair far. Truth Hawks recently opened a new sim called the Truth district and a bunch of designers have put up grand opening gifts including this hair, and the top shown in the images. Be sure to join to update group, Gala Pheonix/Curio has sent out a jaw dropping skin!









Happy July First, Specially if you’re Canadian!

I’m sure most have heard and seen a little bit of what’s to come tomorrow (7/2) when hair fair opens its doors to the public, above is Athena from Pr!tty which you can find right now in the hair fair demo group, and tomorrow at hair fair itself. It’s already one of my personal favourites; i love the shape it has- and it has an optional lower attachment to make it longer (If ya like long hair). This is great for the obvious reasons… but also… As you can see in the left image the colors don’t match up quite right.. “Why would you do that Ju?!?!?” Well, I was introduced to dip-dye hair style and omgosh, i’m in love… With that in mind, I figured I would try it out by using a different color base, and attachment. I think it looks pretty awesome in-game and is definitely worth playing around with if anyone else is into this summery trend.

I’m also digging my arms from B@R, it’s actually part of a new outfit she’s put up, but I’ve modified it a bit and the outcome… drooltastic.

Hope you all have a safe weekend, don’t get set on fire!!