TGIF! lol, this week has felt -so- long, I’m glad it’s wrapping up and it’ll be Sunday soon… (I’m a *huge* Trueblood fan, I swear my week revolves around the anticipation for the next episode…)

Enough of me geek-gasaming though.

Friday means one more thing for all of us avid shoppers… Fifty Linden Friday!! It’s so hard to believe it, but next week will be the second ‘birthday’ for the FLF event, and to celebrate there’s going to be a big pizza party. If it’s anything like last years there will also be some gifts, and some great people to hang out with. Later on I’ll be posting up all the info for the party, as well as a SLurl ♥

That being said, here are my fave 50L finds this week:

[e] Charmed – Brown 04

Kyoot – Chained Thread Top – Aubergine

Olive Juice- Coquette Pose Pack

Just a Note: The Kyoot top is a bit transparent, I’ve layered two of them to get the appearance above.



Hair: [e] Charmed – Brown 04 *FLF*

Eyes: .ID. Photogenic Eyes – Gunmetal

Skin: the body co. Lavender (02 Ivory) – w/hair

Makeup: the body co. Lavender (02 Ivory) – makeup – nude


[:T:] Parted lips 3

Cleavage: the body co. Lavender (02 Ivory) – cleavage – full

Top: Kyoot – Chained Thread Top – Aubergine *FLF*

Jeans: *L.inc* Tyra Jeans Starlet Wash Dark Blue  CMFB Edition 1

Sandals: *COCO*_Thong Sandal(Natural)


A: Olive Juice

B: Zombie Fetus


The images shown have been retouched in Photoshop, the touch ups include: Liquify to eliminate strange joints and all around SL body bugs, Dodge & Burn for shadow effects, and Brushes on hair to creat ‘fly-aways’. The clothing items portrayed have not been retouched in any way.


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