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Welcome to the Weekend!

Today’s post is also something a bit different. I’ve been recieving some awesome furniture and decor items through hunts, and I wanted to take the opportunity to show some of them off. Yesterday’s post showed a chair from the Millennium hunt, today’s showcases a cute little corner set up:

*These are almost all hunt items

Paintings: ~{:L.H.O.C.:}~ Vintage Art Cluster

Coffee Table: ~:{L.H.O.C.}:~ Millennium Antique Table

Doily: ~:{L.H.O.C.}:~ Little Vintage Table Doily (large)

Lamp: ~:{L.H.O.C.}:~ Millennium Antique Lamp

Chair: ~:{L.H.O.C.}:~ Millennium Antique Chair

Jewelry Box: Wildebeest ((Closing Sale))

The hunt items are 1L a piece, and definitively work a look.



Hair: booN JAI233 hair chocolate

Skin: *YS & YS* Claire 04 Sage Teeth*

w/ *YS & YS* Claire BrownHairbase & *YS & YS* Claire Eyebrows Dark

Eyes: – DAMNED – MilleniumEyes  / Gold ((FTLO.M- Damned)

Jewelry: Wildebeest.

Nails: …::: Scrub :::… Los Muertos Nails ((FTLO.M-Scrub)

Tattoos: Vestigium – Rock’n’rolla [T] Dark ((NEW))*


Dress: :OW: “XTORT” Dress White Silver ((NEW))*

Tights: *Sheer* Tights 28: Torn Opaque Black

Heels: :{MV}: Diamond Janes ((FTLO.M-MV)

And a close-up for all of you cuties:


(Listening to: Walk Away, FFDP)


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