[About the Authors]

Ju (Jutana Sneerwell) has been ‘playing’ secondlife since: 09/23/2005, and began blogging in 2010. You may remember the old blog, http://aetrends.wordpress.com/, which was her first inlet in the blogging world. Ju enjoys fashion, shopping, shopping, shoes… and… shopping, as well as writing.  
Besides blogging, Ju also does photography in-world, and breeds meeroos when no ones looking. 
IRL: Ju is studying English, and has absolutely no plans for when she gets out of college… lol… The bum. 
In World- Jutana Sneerwell
Email: Jusneers@gmail.com


Hey my name is Logan Brannan, partner of Jutana Sneerwell, and I’ve been playing Secondlife since 2006. I started my blogging career in 2010 with Adam and Eve Trends. Throughout my stay in Secondlife I have been to a plethora of roleplaying sims. Through this I was able to get my hands on a large amount of creative content within Secondlife in order to create my character. This is the driving force as to why I enjoy blogging. I practically become a character designer each time I prepare for a post, and considering I aspire to enter the game industry through art, it makes the process all the more satisfying.

Contacts: Logan Brannan

Hey all! My SL name is Zander, though most prefer to call me Zan, or Zanny (I’m not picky!). I’ve been playing SL for a few years -on and off- now and enjoy a bunch of stuff: Exploring, shopping, photography, and Ju is teaching me how to do poses. I am heavily into roleplay, ranging from midieval to scifi, and because of that Ju and Logan have invited me to blog with them; my speciality being male and female RP gear/costumes.  

Feel free to chat me up in-world (Zander Lycheborne)

Or, if you’re a fellow roleplayer come meet my character! (Currently RPing in Midian City)



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