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*Updated: 7/30/11*

Blogger Copies: 

The majority of items shown on this blog are from the kindness of designers as blogger copies; mostly because Ju is a broke college student, and Logan is a starving artist. We both accept, and greatly appreciate blogger copies to show on the blog. To keep it organized, and as un-hectic as possible there are a few things we ask…

Random Drops: 

These are a big no-no. Our inventories are *huge* and now that V-2 doesn’t like to sort things by the most recently received, folders will be lost and we wont find them for months and months and months.

The Right Approach: 

IM us, or leave us a note card along with the drop. This will enable us to find it in our inventory quickly, as well as thank you directly. Please understand, we plan our posts at least a day ahead of time so it may take time to see your items. We also can’t promise that random drops will always be displayed.

Reviews and Features: 

We are actively looking for new items, and will on occasion send a note-card asking to blog about a product. If we request an item it *will* be blogged, however it may take a few days depending on our schedule’s to get the post up. Once the post is up, an IM will be sent to the designer so they can check it out as well. It is important to note, the only people that will contact designers in regard to a product are the authors (Can be found in the Author tab)- If *anyone* else contacts you asking for items to show on this blog it is a fake.

Blogger Groups:  

These are our favorite, and a great way to support our blog. We like blogger groups because it makes us not feel like beggars! If you like the blog, and would like to know more about us before considering us for your blog group, just let us know!


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