.Once more, Together this time

For those of you who have been following my blogging since the very familiar, this guy probably rings a bell.

A year ago, Logan decided that he wanted to take a break from blogging, this January, he decided that he was ready to come back and I personally couldn’t be more excited. Check out the details for more info on his return, as well as what we’re wearing ♥

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.For The Love Of

Hey all! Hope the brand new year has been treating you well so far! Just in case it hasn’t and you’re in some need of a little retail therapy, today’s items are from another hunt so your nerves- and pocket book will thank you!

Again, these are all raw-shot in world, I wont have access to my usual computer until the 18th so thank you all for putting up with me ♥

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.8/15 : Arwen Review

Hello again! The summer is coming to a close, and as you can probably guess by my little spurt of inactivity that I’ve been enjoying my last weeks before classes start back up (They start back up on the 24th). That being said, I am super excited to ‘open up’ my fantasy/roleplay section of the blog. I couldn’t think of any better way than to introduce one of Arwen Serpente’s new Giulia La Belle gown

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Good morning sun-shines! 

And yes, good morning still counts if you haven’t gone to bed yet. Still working on putting some tutorials together, I’m actually putting together a second blog just for them so it’ll take a bit longer than I had initially thought; There will still be a page on this blog with quick-links to the other just to make it nice and neat. Until then, sink your little fangs right on in to today’s look ♥

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